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Patient Testimonials

Gary's Story
For family man Gary Glatt, the inability to play catch with his son was reason enough to consider Spine surgery. Glatt and his family were involved in a car accident in September of 2010 that left Gary unable to perform simple tasks such as switching lanes while driving. More importantly, he was unable to continue to be active with his two children. The collision immediately resulted in limited range of motion and minor stiffness, but over the next several months would spiral into unthinkable pain in Gary's neck.
After what seemed like an eternity of pain, Gary visited his primary care physician who suggested a MRI of Gary's neck. The MRI showed there was significant compression on the nerve roots exiting his cervical Spine. Glatt's primary care physician referred him to Munster-based Spine surgeon Dr. Nitin Khanna. After reading the MRI, Khanna decided to try a conservative method of treatment.
Gary received a Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection, but much to his dismay, it gave him no relief from the intense pain in his neck. Dr. Khanna then began to explore an alternate option: surgery. Khanna went over the proposed procedure in depth, a minimally invasive Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, and helped to lessen Gary's fears. Minimally invasive procedures yield significantly decreased operative time, decreased recovery time and are much less disruptive to the surrounding tissues.
"The word on the street was that Khanna and his partner Tyndall were the best in the area," Glatt went on, "My wife and I decided that there was no need to go up to Chicago when someone with his qualifications was in our backyard." On December 21, 2010, just days before Christmas, Dr. Khanna and his partner, Dr. Dwight Tyndall, performed a minimally invasive Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) on Gary's neck.
Glatt spent only one night in the hospital and was on his feet within 24 hours. Gary was able to celebrate Christmas with his family without any pain.
"I got a packaged deal with Dr. Khanna and Dr. Tyndall; like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady – two of the best around," he says.
After several weeks of physical therapy, Gary was discharged. Now, almost one year post-surgery and pain-free, Gary is back in the 'cage' with his son, helping him work on his Baseball game.

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