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Spine Care Specialists of Chicago Illinois would like to introduce and inform are patients of the relativity between leg pain and the lower spine. 

Diagnosis:  Lumbar herniated disc, myelopathy, spinal cord injury, and spinal stenosis can all be linked to leg and foot pain, numbness, or tingling.  

Cause:  Trauma related to accidents, repeated injury to your lower back, and aging can all be a cause of the above mentioned diagnoses.

Symptoms:  Leg Pain, foot pain, and back pain as well as tingling and numbness.


  • Non surgical:  Anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and injections are all types of pain management for back and leg pain.

  • Surgical:  Microdiscectomy is recommended for a herniated disc, this procedure is a small incision in which a microscope is used and the surgeon would take the pressure off the nerve by removing the herniated disc.  Fusion can be recommended in order to stabilize the spine especially when multiple levels of the spine are damaged.  

Decompression is common treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis. This is a relatively non invasive procedure where the surgeon makes a small incision and uses a microscope to widen the spinal canal. Leg pain can be the cause of other problems associated with the back as well. 

When a nerve becomes damaged and when leg pain occurs it normally takes some time to heal, however, surgical options do not guarantee full recovery as this can depend on the symptoms, the duration of the time condition has been present as well as many other factors. Contact Dr. Dwight Tyndall or Dr. Nitin Khanna for more information and to schedule an exam for your leg pain today. 

Contact the office of Dr. Dwight Tyndall and Dr. Nitin Khanna at Spine Care Specialists at Orthopaedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana to learn more information about Leg Pain

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