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Spine Care Specialists of Chicago Illinois perform Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) of the spine.  Depending on diagnosis and symptoms some patients can be treated with minimally invasive surgery upon the recommendation of Dr. Dwight Tyndall or Dr. Nitin Khanna. Dr. Tyndall or Dr. Khanna at Spine Care Specialists can help you determine if Minimal Invasive Surgery is the correct procedure for your specific spine issue. Many times Minimal Invasive Surgery can sometimes be performed on an out-patient basis, however, in certain cases a 24-hour to 3 day hospital stay can be required. 

Some spinal ailments that can be treated by using Minimal Invasive Surgery are below:

Minimal Invasive Surgery may be the correct surgery for your needs. Spine Care Specialists can advise if open procedure is necessary. As with all types of surgery there are benefits and risks, below is a list of both pertaining to Minimal Invasive Surgery of the spine. 


  • Smaller Incisions = Smaller Scars 

  • Less Pain

  • Quicker Recovery 

  • Less Soft Tissue Damage 


  • Risks are minimal and can be discussed in further with Dr. Tyndall or Dr. Khanna.


Spine Care Specialists will speak with our patients pertaining to the complete list of Benefits and Risks of Minimal Invasive Surgery. As with many types of surgery physicians can recommend or suggest bracing, physical therapy, and pain medication before performing any procedure, including Minimal Invasive Surgery. 

Contact Dr. Dwight Tyndall or Dr. Khanna at Spine Care Specialists at Orthopaedic Specialists of Northwest Indiana for more information in regards to Minimal Invasive Surgery in Chicago Illinois


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