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Spine Care Specialists of Chicago Illinois can help determine if radiculopathy is the answer to your back pain. Radiculopathy is caused by a compressed nerve in the spine. Radiculopathy is more common in patients that have a family history with the condition or that are involved in sports or activities that require repetitious hard labor (heavy lifting). Contact Spine Care Specialists in Chicago Illinois for an appointment today to determine if your radiculopathy is caused by diabetes or degeneration. 

Radiculopathy has many symptoms that are common in other spinal ailments as well. Radiculopathy is a pain associated with different parts of the spine. Please contact Spine Care Specialists if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of radiculopathy below. 

  • Cervical Spine Radiculopathy: Cervical Spine is the upper part of the spine that is associated with the upper extremity muscles including neck and arms therefore numbness, pain, and tingling occurs in the arms and neck area.

  • Thoracic Spine Radiculopathy: Thoracic Spine is the center of the spine and pain, tingling, and numbness can occur throughout the abdominal area and chest area, thoracic spine radiculopathy is the least common form of radiculopathy. 

  • Lumbar Spine Radiculopathy: Lumbar Spine is associated with the lower spine and extremities. Therefore lower back, legs, and buttocks can experience numbness, pain, and weakness. 

 Treatment of Radiculopathy 

Spine Care Specialists of Chicago Illinois and the office of Dr. Dwight Tyndall and Dr. Nitin Khanna can help determine the best form of treatment for your specific type of radiculopathy. The pain of radiculopathy can be moderate and the treatments can range from over-the-counter medications to corticosteroids (strong anti-inflammatory medications). Also oral steroids as well as steroid injections can be offered as treatment for radiculopathy. Physical therapy can also be offered to patients to help alleviate the pain. And lastly if the pain of radiculopathy is too severe surgery may be the option for you. 

Call to schedule your appointment for questions about radiculopathy with Dr. Dwight Tyndall or Dr. Nitin Khanna at Spinal Care Specialists today Chicago Illinois! 



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