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Patient Testimonials

Robert's Story
Robert Kuehl is no stranger to physical labor. Kuehl has been employed as a Boom Truck Operator/Tire Technician 3 for 27 years.  Arduous lifting, sometimes up to 250 pounds, has become a fundamental part of his daily life.
When speaking to Kuehl about his career, his tone is one of seriousness. The pride for which he feels for his job is obvious and his frankness about the success he has had is refreshing. In an era where job-hopping is as common as fluctuating gas prices, it is almost inspirational to speak to a man who has honed such job-specific skills for the entirety of his career – and makes no apologies for claiming his achievement.
‘I love my job – I’m the best at what I do and I’m proud to say it,’ Kuehl states.
But in January 2011 after slipping and falling on ice while on the job, Kuehl questioned whether or not he would have the ability to continue performing the job he loved profoundly.
‘I tried to stand up, but had terrible pain in my low back and shooting down my right leg. My co-workers had to pick me up and take me to the hospital,’ says Kuehl.
Kuehl was immediately taken to the Working Well facility at Franciscan St. Margaret Health, Hammond Campus to see Eric Kupchick, D.O.
Dr. Kupchick performed the necessary diagnostic testing and the result of the MRI was clear: the disc between L5-S1 was herniated. Kupchick first sent Kuehl for physical therapy for 8 weeks. Soon after therapy ended, and still no better, Kuehl returned to Kuphick seeking alternate options.
Dr. Kupchick referred Kuehl to Spine specialist Dwight Tyndall, M.D, of Spine Care Specialists in Munster.
‘I didn’t know anything about Dr. Tyndall, so I was uneasy. But he was very, very thorough and informative, so I felt much better,’ states Kuehl.
Hoping to avoid surgery, Dr. Tyndall tried to manage Kuehl’s pain with medication and two epidural steroid injections. When the above failed, Tyndall had exhausted all non-surgical options.  He explained to Robert that he would have to have a fusion.
‘I was terrified of the surgery – I didn’t know what I would do if I couldn’t work again,’ Kuehl added, ‘Not knowing whether or not I would be able to do what I had been doing for 27 years was awful.’
On September 13, 2011 Robert underwent a spinal fusion at L5-S1. He spent one night in the hospital. Decreased operative time, smaller incisions and quicker recoveries are the result of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Dr. Tyndall and Dr. Khanna are at the forefront of MIS and often instruct surgeons from around the country on these new techniques.
After only four months of physical therapy and work conditioning, Kuehl was released from Tyndall’s care and went back to work – full duty.
‘I recommend Dr. Tyndall and Dr. Khanna to everyone I run into. They gave me my life back and I am doing what I love again.’

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